Business expertise
& Software innovation

Kamila Marcone

McCain Brasil

“Distributors’ sell-out 
data collection

Paula Natale


Journey 360 º

Comprehensive Engagement tool: Distributor – Retail – Consumer

“Working with Thalamus can best be compared to working with friends

Guillermo Bruno


“Consumer Behaviour understanding through Sell Out data

Mass customization challenge for a “High Value” business

Trade Engagement solution. Flexibility makes the difference.

Alejandro Ades

Warner Media

Thalamus is like a Victorinox: It has all you need.

From B2B to B2C: A successful digital transformation.

Data-Driven business development in Agro.   

From Sell In to Sell Out approach, to grow B2B business.

Marketing Automation in the entertainment industry.

Martín R. Peleritti

Geometry Global

Modular and flexible approach
for Agency partners

Carlos Sbarra

Nucleo Marketing

An integration platform for a Data-Driven Agency partner.

Matías Ezcurra


Precision Marketing: Martech + Strategy.       

Omnichannel campaign manager for Digital Partner.

Consumer data protection
standards / GDPR