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Don’t annoy your consumers!

Are your brands making the most out of every consumer interaction? Or are they actively annoying the consumer? If any part of these situations rings a bell, you should worry:

  • A consumer is participating in a brand promotion at a website and has a problem with it, reporting it in the Contact Us section. One hour later he calls the 800 number, only to have all his information requested again, and of course the operator doesn’t know who he even is, much less that he has an ongoing problem reported 2 hours ago.
  • The insurance company calls you to offer an insurance policy you already have WITH THEM.
  • This one happened to me: I bought a phone at the brand ecommerce store. Two weeks later I received an email from the brand offering me the exact same phone at a 25% discount. Imagine how infuriating this is.


What is Consumer Engagement?

For companies that sell goods or services to consumers, Consumer Engagement is the management of the relationship between the consumer and the brand at any touchpoint.

This means that every time and everywhere the consumer engages with the brand, it should be part of the Consumer Engagement strategy. This includes :

  • Brand websites
  • Brand Ambassadors
  • The 1-800 call center that, let’s be honest, nobody in the entire organization even cares about
  • Email, SMS or push notification campaigns
  • And many more


A successful consumer engagement strategy will make sure that any brand touchpoint is prepared to quickly recognize the consumer, and move the relationship forward based on the defined omnichannel marketing plan for each consumer segment.

Consumer Engagement is one of the most important and tangible ways of really putting the consumer at the center of your company strategy.