Business expertise
& Software innovation

Paula Natale


Journey 360

Comprehensive Engagement tool: Distributor – Retail – Consumer

Alejandro Ades

Warner Media

Thalamus is like a «Victorinox»:
it has all you need

Mass customization challenge
for «High Value» business

Trade Engagement solution.
Flexibility makes de difference

From B2B to B2C:
A digital transformation success

Data- Driven Bussiness
devolopment in Agro

From Sell in to Sell Out approach
to grow B2B business

Marketing Automation
@ entertainment industry

Martín R. Peleritti

Geometry Global

Modular and flexible approach
for Agency partners

Carlos Sbarra

Nucleo Marketing

Integral platform for a
Data Driven Agency partner

Matías Ezcurra


Precission Marketing:
Martech + Strategy

Omnichannel Campaing manager
for Digital Partner

Consumer data protection
standards / GDPR


Un software que lo hace todo.