Las 5 muertes

Anécdotas sobre implementaciones catastróficas de los 5 principales proveedores de software de Consumer Engagement y CRM.

The Five Deaths

Anecdotes about catastrophic implementations by the 5 major Consumer Engagement and CRM software providers.

Consumer experience and its impact on NPS

​​In an ever more individualistic and over-informed society, where the consumer is exposed to thousands of messages and offers a day, it’s a must to have an indicator in place that allows for monitoring the quality of their experience in order to gain their loyalty.

5 key ideas for maximizing indirect distribution and market visibility

It’s time to leave behind that tense relationship CLIENT-SUPPLIER with your distribution network.

Convert your distribution network into your most strategic allies and boost your sales. Motivating them, creating synergies and working hand-in-hand in a relationship where everyone wins is the key to reaching your objectives. Learn how with these five key points!

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