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The Origin of the problem : IT bullying Marketing

Marketing agencies are great for helping brands define their value proposition, identity, story telling, design activities and promotions. What they aren’t good at is designing and developing software.

The situation we just watched in the cartoon is something common in big corporations: since IT doesn’t provide Consumer Engagement solutions that fit brands’ needs – or even worse,  insists on implementing huge and expensive global CRM solutions that don’t work for brand marketing – marketing teams decide to avoid talking to IT, go behind their backs and develop ad-hoc solutions with their marketing agencies for every activation they may plan.

The outcome: Marketing building ad-hoc solutions with their marketing agency

The result is terrible, both for the consumer and for the brand: 

  • A myriad of websites, mobile apps and promoter apps crop up; each one disconnected from the others.
  • Consumers are infuriated by being asked for their profile information at every touchpoint, generating multiple profiles for the same person.
  • There is no engagement strategy; rather there are one-shot attempts during every activation.
  • Time-to-market for the most basic tasks is terrible: brand teams and agencies spend time on constantly merging databases and Excel sheets from multiple sources, just to be able to generate the minimum insight or execute a segmented campaign.
  • Putting the organization at risk by having an insecure and unreliable solution, subject to personal data theft and legal problems.

The Solution: Marketing needs a Consumer Engagement solution

IT and Marketing guys, you can work together and be friends: all you need is to implement a flexible and global Consumer Engagement solution that will provide the necessary tools the brands and marketing agencies need to implement their engagement strategy.  Check out Thalamus at