What makes Thalamus different from other similar tools?

The main differences between Thalamus and the classic tools on the market are the following:

  • Reach: Unlike typical CRMs such as SalesForce, our platform was built from the start to run marketing operations for Consumer Goods and Services, with solutions across the entire value chain: Consumer, Customer, Seller, Distributor. Most CRM platforms were born as “lead management” tools and then incorporated new procedures or directly bought tools from competitors which were then disguised under a marketing cloud umbrella. This makes the interaction between the modules of the system itself to be rigid and expensive.
  • Implementation Process. Unlike other platforms that can only be implemented with very expensive “official” partners, Thalamus is implemented by our own consultants.
  • Pricing model. With Thalamus there is no one-off It is a pure SAAS platform. No barrier to entry, no barrier to exit. Most of our competitors charge a very high up-front cost and transfer all the business risk to their customers. If the implementation fails, they have already secured their profit and the losses are all on the customer side.
    At Thalamus we are determined to be true partners with our customers. That is why we bet on our exclusive risk to implement with no setup or initial license costs and no minimum contract period. At Thalamus we work with clients, not with one-off hostages.
  • Support. Most of our competitors disappear the day after implementation, leaving support with a ticketing system managed by a contact center in a remote country, where they find benefits for internationally low average salaries. As a result, the marketing department has to wait 24, 48, or 72 hours for a response, which in most cases is not sufficient. This type of ERP support is incompatible with the real-time dynamics of marketing and sales, even if the response time is 24 hours at best. This leads to misuse or non-use of the platform.
    At Thalamus, we assign an account team to each client, who will provide support in the client’s time zone, similar to the “account executive” of a marketing agency; the way the commercial departments are used to working. This will make it easier to use and will multiply the chances of success of the implementation. We also implement our best practice of holding weekly meetings with all our clients, to work on the evolution of their marketing strategy and how to best execute it with Thalamus.
Can I use Thalamus if I already use another platform like SalesForce?

Thalamus is definitely the best complement for teams that have already implemented Salesforce. Although there is a lot of overlap between the two platforms, in most cases companies that already have Salesforce find it more agile, flexible and cost-effective to run marketing actions on Thalamus, rather than having to develop ad hoc on Salesforce.

The most common case is that of subsidiaries of global companies that are required by their headquarters to use SalesForce but find these global implementations too generic or rigid. The cost of adding functionality to SalesForce to meet business needs is slower, more expensive, and riskier than integrating with Thalamus.

In which countries can Thalamus be implemented?

We have successfully implemented Thalamus on all continents.

We have consultants and support in all time zones, which allows us to be a global provider.

Is your platform secure?

At Thalamus we take security very seriously, that’s why we focus on providing an updated and secure platform everyday. Thalamus complies with information security certifications focused on the protection of personal data:

IRAM ISO/EC 27001 (IqNET): Design, development, implementation and support for “Relationship Marketing SaaS, focused on security and personal data protection.

We also designed a secure architecture by nature and host data in the world’s leading data center with every available security standard: AWS Amazon.

Our technical team is trained to work with the data security teams of leading global companies to develop specific security plans.

Finally, at Thalamus, we conduct an adequacy process to comply with the requirements of the GDPR and each of the DP regulations of the markets in which we operate.

What is the implementation time frame?

Thalamus is very quick to implement. Two to four weeks are enough to put the system into production, set up, import previous databases and execute activities and communications.

Can I implement it if I don't have a programming or development team?

Our technical team will perform the necessary activities to get the system into production. Without the need for an internal technical team or the need to hire an official partner.

At the same time, we help coordinate the necessary tasks of marketing and digital agencies to ensure the success of the project.

How much does it cost?

For small projects, you can get a quick estimate in the Pricing section of the website.

For corporate implementations, we recommend you contact a consultant in your region in the “Contact Us” section.

Can I integrate it with other tools I already use?

Thalamus integrates smoothly with other tools.

It has an API and SDK that make this integration process very friendly. We also provide support to those in charge of developing such integrations

In the same way, Thalamus is very agile to integrate processes using the APIs of these other tools.

Will the system receive updates?

The system is constantly evolving, adding new features and enhancing existing features based on market trends and customer feedback.

Does Thalamus provide technical support? How can I access it?

Unlike most competitors, Thalamus offers support with a personal online account manager. In your time zone and during your working hours.

You can access it in the following ways: Email, Whatsapp, conference call, mobile phone or any way you are comfortable with.

This is a differentiating feature of our product, as opposed to platforms that only respond to requests with a ticketing system from a call center on the other side of the world, without any customization or real time.

What are the benefits of the Consumer Engagement module?
  • Unified database with 360-degree consumer view.
  • The brand strategy is implemented in real time in every interaction => Omnichannel strategy.
  • Behavioral Tracking => Understanding the Consumer
  • Touchpoint development agility.
  • Quick execution of marketing activities. Your entire marketing plan on a single platform.
  • Multichannel Marketing Automation. All communication channels on one platform: Email, SMS; WA, Inbox, Push Notifications, Chatbot, Digital Ads.
  • Available information for analysis => Turnkey Data Warehousing. Custom dashboards and reports.
What are the benefits of the Trade Engagement module?

All those covered in the consumer engagement module, plus:

  • Execute any type of incentive program for all links in the distribution channel: sales force, distributors, retailers, point-of-sale employees.
  • Ability to run multiple programs simultaneously, sorted by type or category of participant or channel.
  • All types of incentive programs and loyalty programs for the supply chain.
  • Integrated with digital and/or physical rewards system
  • Different types of goals: Sales / Point-of-sale execution / Brand Engagement
  • Information available for analysis => Turnkey Data Warehousing. Custom dashboards and reports.
What are the benefits of the Distributor Engagement module?
  • Integrate sell-out information from the distribution network
  • Maximum market overview.
  • Non-intrusive and agile automatic integration with the distributor
  • Option to import manually
  • B2B E-commerce integrated into ERP
  • Information available for analysis => Turnkey Data Warehousing. Custom dashboards and reports.
Is there any training for using Thalamus?

Thalamus will assign an account manager who will provide customized training to users. Training will be available during the entire relationship with Thalamus.

What size of company can Thalamus be implemented in?

From a small business to a large multinational. Everyone can benefit from the platform.