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How not to start doing Consumer Engagement

When implementing Thalamus, we are usually asked how to start doing Consumer Engagement.

Let’s start with what not to do. One typical mistake is trying to reinvent the wheel. Time and time again we see brands briefing their marketing agencies to create a whole new plan, tailor made for consumer engagement, forgetting about what the brand was actually succeeding at, and creating new campaigns that are great to present in a powerpoint or a Marketing Agency contest, but which are very risky to implement and usually fail.


Trust your company’s knowledge

Your brands have years of experience and background connecting with consumers and running activities with all kinds of objectives, such as awareness, trial, conversion or loyalty. 

Most likely, your company already possesses all this knowledge. The marketing team spends lots of time and brainpower designing the annual plan, based on the company’s objectives and past experience, and they define the activities to be run that maximize the chances to achieve their objectives.


Give your marketing plan a Consumer Engagement spin

So when we are asked about kick-starting consumer engagement, we always propose the same thing: let’s hear about your experience in recent years running activities, campaigns and promotions. Tell us what worked and what didn’t. Tell us what you were planning to do this year with your brand. 

Based on all this knowledge, let’s try starting with Consumer Engagement by spinning your marketing plan with a Consumer Engagement flavor.

Where you were going to run a BTL activity that was offline, now -thanks to Thalamus- we can do it online, register consumers’ profiles and behavior, and improve their experience.

Where you were only going to communicate with anonymous digital advertising or TV ads, let’s add segmented communications based on profile to your database.

By using your company’s hard-earned knowledge to start doing Consumer Engagement, you lower risks and maximize your chances of succeeding.