The Net Promoter Score (NPS) The NPS is a loyalty indicator that enables monitoring of the quality of the consumer’s experience, by way of one single question about the likelihood of recommending the product or service on a scale of 0 to 10. The final result is an index which has been greatly debated as to whether a score above 50 is very good, or if a 30 is sufficient. Regardless of the estimate and its value, the important thing is not to forget that it’s not just about having the number, but rather understanding the impact of marketing actions on the indicator and the business. Picture  

Barriers to acting upon de NPS

In many cases, the NPS faces credibility and actionability problems owing to the fact that managers in charge of relationship marketing programs may come up against some of the following disadvantages:
  1. Slow decision making, since the relationship programs are not designed for quick changes
  2. Analysis paralysis, upon being submerged in tons of data because of not having tools up to the task of extracting the insights, nor having clear action objectives.
  3. Rules engine with limited flexibility to map out all the possibilities that are detected.

Boost marketing with a relationship marketing program

Continuously capturing the NPS of our client base and seeking to improve the indicator over time to increase loyalty is a good practice that should be accompanied by a relationship marketing platform that fulfills the following points:
  1. Manages a single database and allows for the interaction of the consumer via multiple touchpoints.
  2. Have or create a database big enough to be able to learn from the interactions and generate clusters or segments based on their characteristics and behavior.
  3. Flexible rules engines that work in real time to achieve changes in behavior throughout the consumer journey.
  4. A Business Intelligence tool that enables monitoring of key indicators and extracting insights.
Finally, achieving a relevant NPS and having a profound understanding of the journey lets marketing teams transform themselves into true agents of change to win the loyalty of the consumer. Leveraged by platforms like Thalamus Consumer Engagement, you will be able to strengthen your market position consistently, since they are designed specially to manage relationships long term in real time and omnicanal. Horacio Carderes Business Development Director